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Storm Commander™
Storm Commander™

Storm Commander™


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The Storm Commander™️ is a wireless control station that gives you a live feed of just about all the data you need to cut waste and protect yourself from litigation. Application rates, video footage*, and GPS tracks get uploaded to the cloud in real time, so you can monitor it from our easy-to-use portal. And it all comes in a rugged package with physical buttons that makes the GPS controllers of yesterday look fragile.

*When equipped with optional cameras

Point-Lock™️ GPS Tracking

See where your trucks go in real time and save routes for billing and litigation protection.

Swift-Assist™️ Diagnostics

Access on-demand help and speed up field repairs with real-time controller diagnostics.

Instant-Sync™️ Web Connection

Operational data gets uploaded to the cloud in real time.

Air-Tether™️ Wireless Control

A fully wireless in-cab connection makes this unit easy to install before an event and more rugged than wired units.

Rugged-Switch™️ Interface

Built around tough buttons and toggle switches that respond to every command, gloved or not, even on the coldest nights.

Web Dashboard

Get access to real-time datapoints, GPS tracks, dash cam feeds, on-site Mini RWIS cameras, and diagnostics, all in one web dashboard.

Built For Snowfighting™️

This unit was built from the ground up for winter and displays the data you need for efficient operations, as well as billing and liability protection.

Cloud-Integrated HD Dash Cam*

Integrated dashcams give you live feeds of roads, properties, spray patterns, and drivers. Instant cloud backups archive your footage for later use in billing disputes and litigation defense.
*Optional feature