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Brine Master®

The Brine Master®️ is over-built, plug n play, and built around a straightforward workflow. An "all-in-one" premium brine making machine at an affordable price, that comes pre-wired to approved standards with complete electronics. This unit comes in two sizes, both featuring our iconic poly and stainless steel construction.

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Brine Storage Tank

These heavy-duty brine storage tanks are built to store liquid brine. Manufactured with corrosion-free material and stainless steel components, each tank comes standard with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. Conquer every storm with Camion™. Compatible liquids: Salt Brine, Calcium Chloride Brine, Premium Branded Liquids & more.

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Ice Master® T-Series

The Ice Master® T-Series is purpose built for your truck. This anti-icing and de-icing spray systems is ideal for spraying liquid brine on roads, around parking lots and building entries. Each salt brine unit features a stainless steel frame and baffle balls that stop liquid surge. *Stand or legs not included – Sold separately. ⚠️ Prices are estimates to show price range. See buying options below to get your price.

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Diesel Fuel Boss®

These Diesel Fuel Boss® units are well known as the all-in-one unit. Each tank arrives assembled and ready to use. Equipped with a pump, hose and gun, this diesel unit is a perfect solution for a ranch or construction site. Comes with a built-in pump cover and auto shut-off nozzle that enables you to spend time on other tasks while refueling. The Diesel Fuel Boss® is available in multiple sizes. Not to be used for gasoline – diesel only!

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